Our Process at Gibby’s Garden

At Gibby's Garden, nestled in the heart of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, we pride ourselves on a legacy of meticulously nurtured cannabis, embodying our unwavering commitment towards eco-conscious cultivation and the broader journey of education in the cannabis realm. Here's a glimpse into our thoughtful process that ensures you only receive the finest, sustainably cultivated cannabis products.

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Cultivation with Precision

Our cultivation realm is a haven of cutting-edge technology seamlessly interwoven with

Mother Nature’s touch. Spearheaded by Joe Gibson, our Head Cultivator, every strain is

nurtured under state-of-the-art lighting, temperature and humidity controls, ensuring an

environment where each bud thrives to its full potential. Our continuing exploration into

new strains aims at discovering that perfect blend of terpenes and cannabinoids,

promising you therapeutic aids and superior products.

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Sustainable Practices

Our allegiance to sustainable practices is etched into every facet of our cultivation. From

employing natural and organic fertilizers to our ingenious rainwater harvesting system,

we tread softly on the earth. The harvested rainwater, adorned with love and gratitude,

not only embodies our ethos but significantly reduces our reliance on the municipal

water supply, conserving precious community water resources.

Sustainability practices exist throughout our facility and operations. We wash separate

clothes for cultivation workers instead of using disposable suits. There are minimal

paper products as our employees have real cups and silverware for their breaks and

meals. We recycle all our cardboard, and deliver our product to our retail partners in

plastic bins that return to our facility, so no box waste is generated.

Gibby’s is a member of the Massachusetts Sustainability Coalition working with the

industry in general to share ideas and assist the state in encouraging best practices that

minimize packaging, encouraging recycling of packaging and rewarding establishments

that do all of the above. Hit more details to see more info about our efforts.

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Quality isn't just a buzzword; it's an earnest promise. Our buds are tenderly cared for from seed to sale. The drying and curing room is where the magic continues post-harvest. Under a calibrated blend of temperature, humidity, and airflow, the buds are dried and cured to perfection, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of taste, aroma, and potency.


We believe in fostering a culture of informed choices. Our endeavor to educate consumers extends beyond the bounds of our garden. By providing detailed cannabinoid and terpene profiles of our products, we aim to empower you to find just the right products for your needs. Our doors are always open to those keen on delving deeper into the nuanced world of cannabis.


Our roots extend deep into the community we proudly belong to. As a woman-owned, family-operated microbusiness, we cherish the bonds we've cultivated with our retail and wholesale customers. Our collaborative ethos extends to building robust relationships with dispensaries and other cannabis enterprises, ensuring we deliver nothing but the best.

An Eye Towards the Future

Our journey is a ceaseless one, with eyes firmly set on the horizon of cannabis

innovation and accessability. Engaging with novel technologies and methodologies, we

are on a perpetual quest to elevate the Gibby's Garden consumer experience, all while nurturing the community and industry we are an integral part of.

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With Gibby’s Garden, experience the blend of technology, nature, and passion

that goes into every bud we nurture. From our garden to your experience, we

hope you enjoy the energy of Love and Gratitude we put into our girls from

cloning to production. We endeavor to present not just cannabis, but a narrative

of care, quality, and community. Thank you for being a part of our story.​