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A woman-owned and family-operated cannabis microbusiness providing you only the highest quality products with the highest testing results.

Serving both retail and wholesale customers, we seek to share our blessings with you in providing cannabis products for experienced users, casual smokers, experimenters, and medicinal users who are looking for purity and variety.

A source you can trust.

The Gibby’s Garden Story

We have been working with the town of Uxbridge, MA since August of 2017 and received our Community Host Agreement in May, 2018.

Now that we are in operation, we remind ourselves always that we are growing an herb. We strive to grow the highest quality products with all natural or organic components, in a clean environment.

Kimberly Gibson

Kim is a licensed builder and has been designing and building data centers for the last 25 years in Massachusetts.

Her education is in Secondary Science Education with a minor in Microbiology undertaken at Oregon State University.

Kim’s heart is in the medicinal end of the Cannabis industry. She has been producing herbal remedies from herbs in the Gibson Gardens for decades, so the transition to Cannabis has been a natural move.

Kim manages the overall business, including the management of paperwork, filings and registrations. She will remain at her current position for the unforeseen future.

Alfred “Fred” Gibson

Fred became a nurse almost 20 years ago at MassBay Community College, Natick MA after working in and owning a variety of construction businesses including modular home construction, concrete pipe production, along with being a truck driver.

Currently Fred has his own business as Fred the Foot Guy based in Uxbridge, MA providing foot-care nursing services to the senior population in Central MA as well as working with pediatric clients on a part time basis.

Fred acts as our operations manager overseeing the day to day communications and admin operations outside of the cultivation. Fred is also the main liaison with our retail operation clientele, overseeing paperwork, record keeping, reports, and customer service oversight.

Joseph “Joe” Gibson

Joseph has been working the development of Gibby’s Garden and performing the bulk of the fit-up at our grow location for the past year and a half while providing a companionship role to his 88 year old Grandmother who has lived with us for the past 9 years.

Prior to that, Joe had worked for 5 years at Rolls Royce Marine Division in Walpole, MA as a utility worker, refurbishing propellers from submarines and other vessels.

Joe is our Head Cultivator. He has been researching and experimenting in our legal home grow for the last two years defining the process of cultivation including the correct germination of seeds, using all natural soil and fertilizers to maximize volume and potency and perfecting the drying process. As a licensed cultivator, all our products are tested for THC and CBD levels, as well as for pesticides, metals and various contaminants. We have been testing Joe’s product for the past year to ensure it meets all CCC requirements.

Gibby’s Garden

A Cannabis Microbusiness

Uxbridge, MA


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