From Homegrown to Head Grower

Gibby's Garden in Spotlight

Gibby’s Garden is buzzing with excitement as our own Head Grower, Joe Gibson, was recently featured in an in-depth interview by the Cannabis Business Times. The narrative unfolds Joe's journey from a home grower to becoming a professional cultivator, sharing a glimpse into the spirit and ethos of Gibby's Garden along the way.

The article by Theresa Bennett dated December 2, 2022, takes the readers through an enriching narrative, unraveling how Joe took his humble home growing skills to a professional pedestal. The transition wasn’t just a leap but a meticulous orchestration of learning, experimenting, and nurturing a vision into a reality. The feature dives deep into the operational side of our garden, shedding light on the indispensable tools and technologies that aid in nurturing the premium quality flower Gibby's is revered for.

Joe's expedition began in the quaint setting of his family's home gardens, transcending to a professional domain post the legalization of possession and home grows. His quest for knowledge led him to the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis in Massachusetts, further fueling his ambitions with visits to established legal industries in Colorado and Oregon.

The road to becoming a fully licensed establishment in 2019 from initiating the process in 2017 is beautifully chronicled, reflecting the resilience and the relentless pursuit that is the hallmark of Gibby’s Garden. The narrative doesn't shy away from sharing the learning curve too. Joe’s “favorite failure” with the first clone batch which turned into a monumental learning experience speaks volumes of the growth mindset that is fostered here at Gibby’s.

A notable section of the interview divulges into the cultivation techniques that intrigue Joe the most, from timing the defoliating and topping processes to researching ways to augment terpene levels during the dry and cure process. It’s about the relentless pursuit of excellence and an insatiable curiosity that keeps Gibby’s Garden at the pinnacle of quality.

This feature isn’t just a testament to Joe’s expertise but is emblematic of the entire Gibby's Garden family’s dedication and the communal spirit that drives us to provide nothing but the best. The meticulous attention to every facet of cultivation, from choosing the right lighting system to ensuring a conducive environment for the plants, resonates through the narrative.

Joe’s narrative is an inspiring rendition of what it takes to excel in the cannabis cultivation domain. His advice to budding growers about being data-driven yet retaining a personal touch with the plants echoes the harmonious blend of science and empathy that is practiced at Gibby’s.

The camaraderie doesn’t just end with the plants; it extends to every team member, ensuring a motivated, valued, and driven workforce that takes pride in every aspect of plant handling. Joe’s mindful approach towards avoiding burnout, keeping the team motivated, and ensuring top-notch quality is what sets Gibby’s Garden apart in the green sea of the industry.

The feature in the Cannabis Business Times is not just a recognition but an affirmation of the values, the hard work, and the unyielding spirit of exploration that is the essence of Gibby’s Garden. It’s a proud moment for every member of Gibby’s Garden and a milestone that further fuels our resolve to continue growing, learning, and blooming.

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