This exotic strain is bred by Mosca Seeds in collaboration with Capulator. The cross is Mosca’s classic Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum with Capulator’s new Mac 1 (Miracle Alien Cookies). High Chew produces intense scents, giving off a variety of floral notes. This indica dominant hybrid’s name is based on its sweet smells and candy-like flavors. High Chew is perfect for winding down, its euphoric effects pair well with its intense physical relaxation.



This favored strain is known for its high THC levels, ranging from 17%-24%. The strain gives a great head high for all to enjoy. The Sativa dominant flower holds fruity flavors and gives out sweet aromas. With it’s blueberry like attributes, it is one of the best buds around. Blue Dream is for the experienced smoker, and for those who want a little adventure.



OG Kush’s roots lead back to the ’90s when Florida cultivators crossed this phenotype for the first time. This strain is distinguishable due to its dominant diesel and skunk aromas. Its flavors are a mix of lemon and earthy tastes. OG Kush is highly well known and extremely potent. As a cannabis activist, one must check out this acclaimed strain.




Similar to Amnesia Haze, the strain has a strong Haze lineage. Neville’s Haze is a dominant Sativa with a touch of Indica genetics. Its floral notes and pine cone strain its like scent gives this distinctiveness. Neville’s Haze is another award-winning strain, taking the 1998 Cannabis Cup victory. Fans of this strain are quick to defend its ability to bring out euphoric and happy feelings. Neville’s Haze has shown its vibrant purple colors paired with large dense colas. With a very cerebral high, all will love the experience.

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What’s in a Strain?

For those of us who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s our memories of smoking cannabis consisted of our passing joints around a circle of friends with a bonfire and keg of beer often in the picture.

We bought ounce bags and rolled fat joints that often tasted bad and had exploding seeds if we weren’t careful. That was then.

Today we have a new reality in the cannabis flower being grown and offered. This is a highly refined product with differing balances of THC and CBD (Cannabinoids) that you the consumer can choose based on your needs and desires.

CBD is most often connected to healing as it acts on specific areas of our bodies. CBD is considered a “couch-lock high,” making you mellow and chill. THC is more of a “head high” — the active, laughing “get high and clean your house” high.

The flower that gets to the retail stores has been tested so you can view the actual percentages of CBD and THC that are in the product you are buying. With this information, you can better choose and purchase the strains that will provide you the experience you are looking for. Often it will be a product that brings you relief from various ailments and you will be able to identify which strains work best for you.

Gibby’s Garden has grown a variety of plants with a range from high CBD to high THC to see what effect different soils and nutrients have on the final product. We have found varieties in both types that tested very well, both in the lab and with our friends and family who have become our test subjects!

If you are a consumer, you will find that the opening of retail stores and the high level of cultivators in the industry will provide an exciting assortment to help you find what really speaks to you — as opposed to the one or two offerings that your current provider supplies you.

Along with the options, you can be comforted in the knowledge that all of our flower and related products have passed rigorous testing to ensure that there are no pesticides, heavy metals or molds that not only affect the taste of the flower, but can potentially be harmful.

Try a few different strains and let Gibby’s know what you like, so we can grow the strains that best meet your needs and enjoyment.