Welcome to the Gibby’s Garden Cannabis and Tincture Information Section!

  • You have enjoyed your cannabis strains by smoking flower or vapes.  Some are sativa laden and energize you.  Others lean towards indica and settle you down, making it easier to get through the day…or to sleep.  Tinctures made from these strains will provide similar responses.
  • What is tincture?   Tinctures are liquid concentrates made in various ways to draw the beneficial properties out of the Cannabis plant.  Consuming the tincture provides the experience desired based on the strain it was made from.
  • Tinctures can be consumed directly or added to beverages.
  • Gibby’s creates a whole plant infused tincture as described below to gather all the good stuff Cannabis has to offer!

What are tinctures?

There are many tinctures to choose from these days.  The most common method of tincture production is to extract the THC from the cannabis plant, then add the extract to another liquid.  THC may be extracted in a variety of ways including CO2 or butane extraction.  This leaves an oil that is very concentrated in THC, but often loses much of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant.  The manufacturer tests the extract for characteristics and strength and then adds the calculated amount into their desired tincture liquid – oil, alcohol, etc… in a strength that they advertise by dose on the bottle.  This method allows for consistency in strength over continuous batches as the extract is added in a controlled manner.  You can find these in all strengths of THC.

Tinctures may be offered by strain or may include a variety of strains extracted together and are given a name that indicates whether it is a ‘Wake-me-up’ tincture or a ‘Calm-me-down’ variety.  These names can be helpful for someone looking for a desired affect but not knowledgeable of the strain given. Some manufacturers are putting terpenes back into the tincture to add the benefit and flavor removed by the extraction process.


Gibby’s Tinctures are made by a method called Whole-flower immersion.  The cannabis flower, trim and kief are placed directly into food-grade Vegetable Glycerin, gently heated for a specified amount of time to naturally draw the THC, Cannabinoids, Terpenes etc directly into the oil gathering all the plant benefits.

Vegetable Glycerin is an all-natural, sweet oil that contrasts nicely with the earthy, spicy varieties of Cannabis strains we infuse into it.  After we create each strain specific brew, it goes through multiple strainers and is then bottled into individual 30 ML dropper bottles.

What can you expect from Gibby’s tinctures? 

Our family has been making this tincture from our home grow for as long as Cannabis has been legal.  We have gifted bottles of tincture to many folks over the years and have gotten reports back that have been powerful and humbling.  Below are some of the uses and observations from users:

  • Looking for a regular mood or energy adjustment? Look to the different strains!
    • Reach for Neville’s Haze each morning to fortify your body for the day or for a mid-afternoon pick-me up.
    • Feel anxious about what is going on your life these days? Need to settle a bit before you switch gears to your after-work routine? High Chew is your girl!
    • Want to get a bit of a rush that slides into a chilled frame of mind, then Blue Dream or Amnesia Haze are worth a shot.
  • We definitely get a mellow buzz from the tincture, but it is not going to give you the head high of smoking flower.  Because of this, our tincture is an excellent entry into Cannabis for someone who is hesitant to try any of it, or does not want the ‘high’ of smoking or the psychedelic action of edibles.
  • Some find relief from pain, anxiety, stress and sleep struggle and may use it regularly or as needed.

How to use it?  Dosage-ing is subjective and requires personal attention as follows:

New Consumer

If you are not a steady Cannabis user, try 4-10 drops or ½ dropper full and wait 20 minutes or so.  If you have not experienced what you are looking for (or just want a little more if it! ?) then take another equivalent amount. When you are happy with the result, this is probably going to be your regular dosage.

Note: Like any herbal remedy you will want to start with a small amount to observe your response and also watch for any allergic response.  It is unlikely, but all plants are put on this earth with strengths and properties that should be respected and learned.  Cannabis is a powerful herb and should be honored as such.

Light/Heavy Consumer

If you are a regular Cannabis user, unless you chug a bottle, you are not going to get the ‘high’ you associate with Cannabis. You will however find this an excellent tool for when you want the benefit of a pick-me-up or relaxation, but do not want to or cannot be high.  Take a couple dropper-fulls and wait to see what your energy adjustment is.

It is truly that simple.  Below we offer further information about the properties of Cannabis and the relationship to our bodies.

Regardless of whether you decide to try one of our tinctures, we appreciate the fact that you are investigating this amazing plant and the gifts it has to offer us.  Not only is cannabis able to be consumed in so many methods but offers a wide range of benefits to us according to its preparation and method of intake.

A couple things to know about actions of Cannabis and the benefit of Whole-plant Infused Products:

  • We are just beginning to grasp the power of this Master Plant. The fact that Cannabis is even legal ~ for some of us anyway ~ is because of the actions and struggles of individuals over the last decades crying out for the right to use this herb to address conditions like:
    • Seizure disorders from disease or injury
    • Glaucoma
    • Mental and mood conditions
    • Pain and sleep struggles
    • Nausea, vomiting and internal gastric issues.
    • Immune system conditions
  • Champions of the legal struggle suffered from or had loved ones that suffered from the above issues. They found relief and healing from using the Cannabis plant.  As it is a plant that they could grow or acquire from the black market, this should have been a blessing.  Instead, there were legal battles, monetary fines, imprisonments, etc… Remember them when next you walk into a retail establishment and peruse the wide variety of options.  Remember as well that for many of them and for many that became a ‘criminal’ simply for having this herb in their possession, the struggle is far from over.  We have posted some organizations on our website that you can investigate further if you would like to assist in some way.  Until the Federal Government alters the classification of Cannabis to that of Alcohol, the struggles continue on many levels.
  • Whether you just enjoy the ‘high’ or reach for the medicine, all of the above are why we should learn as much as we can about Cannabis so we can advocate for further legalization, affordable patient access and enhanced research on the plants benefits to humans and animals alike.

The Entourage Effect


“Whole-plant medicine means using the entire female cannabis flower and trichome-filled leaves to create medicine rather than isolation specific parts of the plant or extracting components to create chemical cocktails. By using the full plant, we benefit from all of the phytochemicals working collectively.  Western science acknowledges this benefit; it labels it the “entourage effect.”  Herbalists call it business as usual.”

Page 7, ‘The WHOLISTIC HEALING GUIDE to CANNABIS’ Tammi Sweet, Storey Publishing

The study of the Cannabis plant properties is going hand in hand with the research and understanding of the human Endocannabinoid System.  It was only in the 1980’s that cannabinoids were truly isolated and identified in our systems.  Not surprisingly, this occurred from a study of the action of THC on our bodies.  The varying actions of THC’s, CBD’s and Terpenes will be further understood as the relationships between these components and our endocannabinoid system is researched.

It has been observed however that there is no system in our body that is not impacted by the endocannabinoid system. While some consumers have researched the strains, etc and purchase products specific to their physical or emotional needs, it is likely that most people drawn to Cannabis in any form are responding to a need or an imbalance within their body.  And you just thought you liked to get high!… Sneaky plant!

Back to the Entourage Effect!

Understanding the notes above regarding the relationship between our bodies systems and the THC/CBD/ Terpenes of the Cannabis plant…and acknowledging that most of us are simply going to reach for and enjoy the strains and products that we enjoy the most, we can make the leap that there is more going on in this relationship than meets the ‘high’!

Gibby’s Home Recipe Tinctures contain all the components of the plants used in the batch.

  • All tinctures are strain specific and include whole flower, sugar trim, and kief.
  • You will benefit from all the Cannabis properties in the strain.
We at Gibby’s Garden do what we do for our Cannabis Consumers… You! We will continue to improve and broaden our product offerings and would appreciate your feedback good and bad so we can apply your input to our processes and new creations.

Please visit our ‘RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE’ Page and let us know what your experience was! Thank you!

The Gibby’s Team