As advocates for knowledge and education regarding cannabis and its many uses, we include a select list below of valuable and knowledgeable resources for your reference. The resources are listed in alphabetical order, and we invite you to visit these sources of further information about cannabis.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

Whether you are new to Cannabis or want to develop a deeper knowledge of this amazing herb and how it “works” with our body’s cannabinoid system, the ASA website offers a terrific outline of the plant, the chemistry and the process of exploring and recording the results and/or benefits of cannabis. Visit their “Guide to Using Medical Cannabis — Cannabis 101”

Within ASA’s target of safe access, they have a wealth of information on legality and process by state as well as links to advocates. The focus is definitely on the medicinal side, but understanding that many folks partake without a medical card in Cannabis use as self-medication for various reasons, this resource gives added clarity.

Visit the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) website.

Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN)

The C3RN is of one of the most influential groups in the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry.

Founders Dr. Marion McNabb and Randal MacCaffrie have long been advocates for the medicinal benefits of cannabis and advisors to the MA Cannabis Control Commission over the last few years. Marion’s team successfully campaigned for a Cannabis Research License in Massachusetts. The aim of this is to legitimize the research field and allow more intensive research of the body’s cannabinoid system and the short and long term effects on these systems from associated cannabinoids in the plant.

C3RN has frequent conferences and meetings throughout the state in order to educate and enlighten the population about the industry as well as to provide support to patients, consumers and entrepreneurs entering the industry.

Visit the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network website.


So you keep hearing the word cannabinoids… and less about THC, which is what you always thought was the desired substance in cannabis. As we understand more about this awesome herb, a weed if you will, that God has supplied to us, we are learning not just more about the “buzz” we desire, but that there are benefits at different levels and locations within our bodies that we can target based on the balance of THC and Cannabinoids (CBD) in the various strains of the flower from this herb.

One of the go-to sites for years now has been the Leafly group. They provide not only detailed information about the strains and characteristics, but also resources for the consumer based on location. On their website, you can learn more from their cannabis strain grid.

The Leafly website also includes very thorough reporting on hemp, the benefits of hemp to society, the history and legality of hemp, and more. In case you don’t know, hemp is a related cannabis variety that has so little THC that it does not meet government standards as a controlled substance. Its potential uses are society-wide and could be a real environmental coup in various industries.

Visit the Leafly website.